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Everything you need to make it a meaningful experience for your team and parishioners.

The big-deal features.

Powerful Search

Search and find exactly what you are looking for through our search tool or custom filters.

Unlimited Custom Fields

Add any new searchable data field for a parishioner.

Whole-Person Profiles

Connected parishioner profiles means their giving, activity, and basic information is all in one place.

Made For Any Experience or Skill

Make the most of Tilma whether you have years of experience or new to tech tools.

Built for the Catholic Church

Our tools are all built alongside Catholic Parish leadership and teams who helped us craft the right solutions to parish pains.

Easy set-up.

Free Data Migration & Clean-Up

No matter what tool you are currently using, we'll handle the heavy lifting and help clean up any broken data in the process.

Data Access Across Organizations

If a parishioner has served in different areas, you'll be able to see every way they have interacted with your parish.

Activity Records

Keep all your people's data safe and easily accessible to those who need it.

Merging Profiles

Get rid of duplicate entries and merge all information into one.

Keep things safe and secure.


Never lose your data and always keep it secure.

User-Based Permissions

Volunteers, ministry leaders, and parishioners can access exactly what they need.

Two-Factor Authentication

Even if your password is compromised, only you can access your account.

We Protect Your Data

We care deeply about the security and privacy of your data and Tilma uses industry standard encryption and security practices.

Secure Giving & Donations

PCI compliant transactions means you have the utmost security with all your payment information.

Accessible Sacramental Records

Stay organized by keeping sacramental data right at your fingertips.

See the data you need.

Insight Into Your Parishioners

As a pastor, see where people are at in their faith and life stage to better know how to serve them.

Export for Census

Easily provide your Diocese the specific data they need.

Efficient Searching Records & Running Reports

Find the data you need fast and create specific and customized reports.

Expert EOY Tax Receipts

Easily download tax receipts and email to your parishioners. - Coming Soon

Keep doing great ministry.

Email Groups & Segments

Always send the right message to the right people through segmented and focused emails.

Start Now & Scale As You Go

Pick the Tilma tools you need to get started and then access what you need as you grow at no additional cost.

Parishioners Manage Their Profiles

Parishioners can edit their giving, contact, and newsletter preferences on their own.

Support From Real People

Most of the time, you probably won’t need our help, but when you do, we have people on our team dedicated to your success.  

Unlock your ministry potential.

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