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Tilma Parish

Tilma Parish is a suite of tools for parishes and pastors that meet all the parish needs: people database, email, giving, website, and events and registration.

The power of the tools comes from it being unified in one place and having ministry built into each tool.

The technology drives real moments of engagement and encounter beyond the tool itself, helping connect their people and unite the evangelization efforts across an entire diocese.

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Meet Two of the Founders

JM Boyd

JM Boyd


JM Boyd is the President and Lead Consultant at Glass Canvas (the team behind Tilma). He recruits dioceses that want to join the Tilma network of innovators, grows relationships and helps guide ministries to their potential.

Jason Jensen

Jason Jensen


Jason is the Founder and CEO of Glass Canvas (the team behind Tilma). He works closely with dioceses to increase ministry effectiveness, particularly in the unique and evolving times we currently live in. Through years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, ministry, and strategy, he leads an incredible team that helps unlock ministry potential.

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Sample Interview Questions

  1. Tell us about some of the most common needs you’ve identified in parish life and how Tilma Parish aims to offer solutions.
  2. What is the experience like switching to Tilma from other parish software tools?
  3. What are some features that make Tilma Parish so special and unlike any software available in the Catholic Church?
  4. If a parish adopts Tilma, what is the experience like for a parishioner? How do they receive content that is unique to them in their current phase in life and walk with Christ?
  5. What does the future look like for a Tilma Parish? What kinds of outcomes have you seen so far and hope to see more of?
  6. Can a Diocese use Tilma? How?

Media Requests

Contact Carrie Kline at carriek@revolutionizingmissions.com to schedule an interview with Jason Jensen.

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