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The Tilma Platform

Tilma is an ecosystem that makes it easier for dioceses to be on mission. 

It is a holistic diocesan solution that helps activate disciples and lead people deeper into their faith through personalized ministry journeys. 

Built exclusively for the Catholic Church, our focused suite of digital tools and services are meant to serve the different needs of both a diocese and its parishes.

The technology drives real moments of engagement and encounter beyond the tool itself, helping connect their people and unite the evangelization efforts across an entire diocese.

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Meet Two of the Founders

JM Boyd

JM Boyd


JM Boyd is the President and Lead Consultant at Glass Canvas (the team behind Tilma). He recruits dioceses that want to join the Tilma network of innovators, grows relationships and helps guide ministries to their potential.

Jason Jensen

Jason Jensen


Jason is the Founder and CEO of Glass Canvas (the team behind Tilma). He works closely with dioceses to increase ministry effectiveness, particularly in the unique and evolving times we currently live in. Through years of experience in entrepreneurship, marketing, ministry, and strategy, he leads an incredible team that helps unlock ministry potential.

Meet the Rest of Our Team

Sample Interview Questions

  1. What is Tilma and how is it different from any other tool in the Church today?
  2. What are some of the needs in the Church that Tilma can help solve for a parish or diocese?
  3. Tell me about the pilot experience in the Archdiocese of Vancouver?
  4. What do you mean by a “discipleship journey,” and how does this platform influence that?
  5. As our world moves more toward digital engagement as an outcome of the pandemic, how can Tilma be used to reach those who have stopped attending Mass or have never personally felt drawn to the Church?
  6. Who is the team behind Tilma and why was it created?

Media Requests

Contact Carrie Kline at carriek@revolutionizingmissions.com to schedule an interview with JM Boyd.

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