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Behold: Discipleship Product

Behold is a place where the community of Catholics in your city can gather to ask questions, connect, and go deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

It includes website that is the home for all events in your diocese and a place for your community to find ministry resources and content that speaks to their felt needs and nudges them in their faith journey. It includes hundreds of articles, videos, podcasts, events, workshops, and small group opportunities.

Branded website

  • RMS
  • Tilma Platform features
  • Network shareability with other parishes and diocese on the platform
  • Secure data storage

Ongoing original content from our internal editorial team

  • Regular articles specific to community audience and felt needs
  • Social posts included with new articles
  • Regular Behold newsletter content (editable by local Behold team)
  • Access to quarterly calendar to help create cohesive planning with your ministry calendar

Ongoing curated content from trusted Catholic sources like Ascension Presents, Busted Halo, other diocese on the platform, etc.

  • Videos
  • Podcasts
  • Articles

Additional features

  • Support from internal Behold team on strategy and how to source local content
  • Quarterly editorial meetings with all Behold teams (across different diocese)
  • Tools and resources to help ministry leaders bring events into cohesive ministry journeys
  • Optional usage of “Behold” brand
  • If there is a desire to use a pre-existing Diocesan brand or a custom new brand the implementation of that can happen for an additional fee.

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