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Diocese Implementation

Decide High-Level Direction

Our team will sit down with the Director of Communications and other key team members to talk about the high-level direction of the site and the goals we want to accomplish.

Analyze Current Website

Our team will then do a detailed analysis of every page of your current site through the lens of the goals we previously agreed on. We will determine what pages should stay, move to another site, or be removed. We will also identify the gaps in content that need to be filled in your future site in order to achieve your goals.

Create Digital Ecosystem Plan

The summary of this analysis and a detailed site map recommendation will be presented in a Digital Ecosystem Plan. This Digital Ecosystem Plan will be reviewed and refined together until we land on a final site map.

Begin Build

Once the plan is approved and set in place, our team will start building the bones of your website.

Build Out Pages

Filling the site with relevant and engaging content is one of the biggest steps of this project. Building content into your new site will require heavy lifting from your Communications team. Your team will be responsible for working with ministries and offices to bring in copy, visuals, and relevant content to fill out all the pages of the site. Our team will be available to offer suggestions on best practices and effectiveness.

Internal Review with Stakeholders

Our teams will identify the key internal stakeholders who need to approve the site before moving forward. These stakeholders will most likely be certain ministry leaders and directors within the Diocese.

Final Approval

Final sign off will then be done by high-level stakeholders such as the Bishop and his leadership team before launching.

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