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What’s Required From Our Team

  • A designated Project Manager and Account Manager will be on your team from start to finish helping communicate progress and changes to the timeline or budget.
  • You will have a core Tilma team member of ministry and digital strategist to help guide and advise, particularly in the early stages of a project.
  • At different stages, almost all of our team will come in to help support your project in their expertise: marketing directors, creative director, designers, copywriters, and developers.
  • Regular check-ins will be required from your core team at Tilma every 2-3 weeks.

What’s Required From Your Team

  • Your executive leadership team will need to be involved strategically to speak into the implementation of Communications / Evangelization / Discipleship. Strategizing and implementing are key first steps, and requires more decisions and heavier involvement from your leadership team during the beginning of the project. Regular check-ins (~2hr) will be required from the leadership team every 2-3 weeks during the implementation phase.
  • Coordinators & Project managers who can help implement the work, and provide necessary information and resources. They will be trained on the product to operate it effectively.
  • Members of your team who have (moderate) technical & communications expertise to facilitate and run your websites.

Potential Meeting Cadences

Assumptions on role responsibilities are outlined below this table in “Role Definitions”. These meetings will typically fall within the implementation phase outlined in the timeline.

Working Teams
Implementation Phase

Cadence / Duration
Client Team
Evangelization team
Community implementation
90min every 2w
- Project Manager
- Evangelization Lead
- Editorial Manager
- Communications Director
- Evangelization Director

- Discipleship Lead
- Discipleship Director
Discipleship team
Disciple Implementation
30min every 3w
- Discipleship Director
- Discipleship Lead
Executive team
Strategy & Implementation Planning
60min every 2w
- Discipleship Director
- Evangelization Director

Comms Team
All Phases
30min every 2w
Project Manager
Project Management
All Phases
30min every 1w
Communications Director
Parish stakeholders
Parish implementation
30min every 3w
Parish Coordinator
News stakeholders
News implementation
60min every 1w
Editorial Manager

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