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Tilma Implementation

Initial Steps

Initial Kick-off

Our collective leadership teams will meet to discuss how the project will function on a day-to-day basis between our teams. This will be vital to making sure we’re all on the same page with expectations as we work together.

  • Define Roles & Responsibilities
  • Define Means of Communication
    • Email, slack, meetings, etc.
    • Specific uses
    • Cadence in communication
  • Review Project Protocol
    • Identify what happens with change in timeline, revisions during the process, etc.
  • Begin Change Management
  • Adoption with Other Stakeholders
Sprint Planning

This planning time includes extensive meetings with leadership to identify the key aspects to your diocese’s goals and success. Identifying these at the forefront are critical to guiding all decisions.

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Implementation Planning

Post-sprint, our teams will work together to interpret theories and goals identified in the Sprint and translate them into tangible steps and products.

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Diocesan Team Kick-off
Team meeting with your key ministry stakeholders, Diocesan staff, and pastors to pitch the vision of the diocese and identify their goals, resources and needs from then within this change.
Internal Adoption
We will work with your team to provide you with tools and resources to help facilitate buy-in from other members of your team. In addition anyone in your team who will have direct interaction with the Tilma products will be able to get regular product update emails from our team. We will work hard to ensure that everyone in your team feels that Tilma is for them and that our support team is here to walk with them and make their lives easier.
Product Training

Our Tilma Team will train key stakeholders on how to use each product and get the most out of its use. Ideally, we will send out one of our Tilma product representatives to the Diocese to conduct the software training in person. Due to travel restrictions, these sessions may need to be facilitated remotely, but the format will stay the same. The two day training sessions will be structured as follows:

DAY 1:
  • Morning session with Diocesan provided specialist who will be the Diocesan in house product expert to field questions from parishes
  • Afternoon session with 5 parish administrators
DAY 2:
  • Morning session with 5 parish administrators
  • Afternoon session with 5 parish administrators

Parish Implementation

Bring Tilma to your parishes and create a beautiful experience for your parishioners online.

Implementation steps

Community Implementation

Build a place where the Catholic community in your diocese can be discipled and connect.

Implementation steps

Disciple Implementation

Offer evangelistic resources and a supportive network to the intention disciples in your diocese.

Implementation steps

Diocese Implementation

Offer an environment for people to learn about their diocese and get their questions answered.

Implementation steps

News Implementation

Build a beautiful and effective news site for your editorial team to engage their Catholic community.

Implementation steps

Mass Finder Implementation

Create an easy and manageable place for your community to find local Mass Times anywhere in your diocese.

Implementation steps

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