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Implementation Planning

Our teams will work together to interpret the goals identified in the Sprint and translate them into tangible and tactical steps.

  • Identify Necessary Products
  • Determine which products and the expression of those products will be necessary to reach your goals. These decisions will be based on resources, goals, and brand foundations.
  • Digital Property Mapping
  • Compare current sites with the end goal and what we’ve determined as necessary products. This will help us map out the degree of the changes and net-new products in the implementation.
  • Branding and Required Assets
  • Determine whether using the built-out Behold or Proclaim brands is best for your diocese. If not, what does branding look like for your project? What assets will be necessary to create?
  • Finalize Requirements for the Community site
  • Because of the unique nature of a diocese's people and their charisms, the community site often requires the most strategy. We’ll identify the unique expression of your community within the product and what is necessary to make that happen.
  • Content Strategy Implementation
  • Help set up channels and train and consult teams in social media and content producing where needed.
  • Integration with Ministry Teams
  • Initial meetings to help offer tools and advice on how to bring ministry teams and product strategy together.

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