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What Do I Get With Tilma?

Last updated: Dec 17, 2021

We're glad you want to learn more about our Diocese solution! We’re excited to share how more about how it could support your diocese.

Our Diocese solution makes your communications more effective and empowers your team into mission. All the Tilma products, features, and digital components play a role in creating ministry momentum towards this kind of diocese. Of course, every diocese is unique which means the solution is too. But within each solution are key parts that we'll lay out below.

The Tilma Platform

The Tilma Platform is the foundation of all the Tilma tools and features. This unified technology is key to making our tools more than just technology but a ministry engagement platform.

The platform’s ability to share content, data, and features across the digital properties also lends to our one of other main goals: simplifying the usability for admins, pastors, secretaries, parishioners, and developers.

Security, stability and performance have always been a priority to our development and goals. We’ve built a tool knowing we have a responsibility to steward technology well for the purpose of building the Kingdom. You can learn more about our philosophy and execution on security and performance here.

Platform-wide Features

Within the Tilma Platform are key features that power this technology to be a ministry tool. Each of these features are integrated into every product or tool within the platform.

The features >>

Ongoing Strategy & Support

Our team is always investing in developing the software, content, and ministry strategies that make-up the Tilma platform. These decisions around effort and development are determined by how it can benefit as many diocese and parishes as possible. We will, however, always work closely with a team to ensure that our solutions are tailored to the unique needs of the diocese.

Our support offerings >>

Tilma Products

The Tilma Platform holds several Tilma Products. And again, all the components of the Tilma Platform unpacked above are baked into the technology of the following products. So no matter what combination of products or services you use, you'll be getting the full power of the platform.

Learn more about each product offering:

What Do I Need to Get Started?

Bringing Tilma into your diocese is a team effort from both your team and ours for the greatest success in the past. We work closely with your team to make sure that this is launched smoothly and effectively,  our goal is always around helping grow the great ministry already happening in your diocese.

Learn more about getting started >>

What Does Implementation Look Like?

Get an understanding of each step required to implement Tilma as effective as possible in your diocese. Understand the roles of people in both our teams and what each product will require with its own implementation.

Learn more about implementation >>

What's The Implementation Timeline?

We provide a general timeline below which is our recommendation for how to roll out Tilma well. This timeline is a starting point to figure out what is right for your diocese. Check it out below.

Sample timeline & suggestions >>