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Parish Implementation

Working alongside the Diocese

We work closely with the Diocese to help cast the vision for Tilma in parishes. We will work closely with your communications team to roll out a campaign for your parishes and give them a taste for your vision and how Tilma can support them in their ministry.

What’s Required From Parishes

Involvement from a parish can vary drastically depending on their desires. A parish can “set it and forget it” using our automation tools to keep their sites more or less up to date. A parish with more sophisticated marketing/communications expertise can also take advantage of our robust tools in order to really make the most of their implementation of the product. The more time and energy they invest, the more effective and customized their implementation can be.

Adoption of Parishes

Meeting with parished to help cast the vision and get their agreement to move their digital tools to Tilma Parish.

Onboarding of Parish Teams

Train one in-house expert to be the point person for parishes. This person will be responsible for onboarding parishes in the diocese, while the Tilma team will support any technology troubleshooting.
Parish Data Migration

Parishioner Membership Campaign

Once parishes are live and launched on the Tilma platform, our team will provide parishes with assets and resources to run a campaign to promote online membership.

Parishioner Onboarding

Parishioners will be onboarded to their Tilma account through user experience baked into the technology, helping guide them through setting up online giving, interests, sacramental data, etc.

Parishioner Ministry Cycle

Once a parishioner is onboarded with their parish account, we can begin to help nurture them into the next steps of their faith journey.

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