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Parish product offering

An easy-to-manage parish site for pastors and secretaries to streamline their communication with their parishioners and reach more people. Parish sites focus on connecting parishioners with Parish events, Mass, ministry opportunities and facilitate unique needs for the parish. It also prioritizes easing the workload of pastors and administrators on the digital side of things by creating tools to streamline tasks and making diocesan-wide resources available.

Full website with all features of the Tilma Ecosystem

  • CMS
  • Network shareability with other parishes and diocese on the platform
  • Secure data storage

Built-in parish-specific content

  • Sacramental content built out by our beta Diocese
  • Custom branding and visuals (optional)
  • Ability to share content with other parishes and vice versa
  • Access to Diocesan-level content, easily populated into their website without additional formatting, etc.

Tilma accounts used as digital parishioner accounts with secure storage of their sacramental data. Some specifics to point out about the parish use:

  • Sacramental data
  • Names, ages, key dates
  • Newsletter and email subscription
  • Interests and ministry involvement
  • Event registration

Online donation management

  • Facilitate one time and recurring giving
  • Campaign donations
  • Giving reporting
  • Campaign landing pages and access to share diocesan-wide campaigns straight from their website
  • Ability to run tax receipts and send to parishioners via built-in email tool
  • Ability to host diocesan wide-campaigns

Event and form builders

  • Build / edit one-off or repeating events
  • Each event has dedicated page with event details, and fully editable cover image and event descriptions (text & multimedia)
  • Connect events to parish ministries, assign registration forms and track registration to digital parishioner accounts.
  • Event calendar

Email and newsletter builder

  • Email segmentation
  • Ad hoc emails
  • Branded banners
  • Ongoing newsletters
  • Campaign building
  • Editable and customizable newsletters and emails

Implementing Parish

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