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Platform Features

Tilma Account

Branded under your diocese city and crest, parishioners will have a personal and/or family account where they can manage all their key information and use across your Diocese’s digital platform. Parishioners can login to their account and safely save their parishioner information such as:

  • Basic information (name, birthday, parish, family members, email, address, etc.)
  • Sacramental data
  • Giving information
  • Event registration details (name, email, etc.)
  • Subscription preferences
  • Interests and volunteer opportunities

The single login allows users to also easily move between sites without logging in or out. It also allows the Archdiocese to gather more centralized and accurate data. With this data, a personalized journey can be created for each user.

  • Single-sign in across multiple properties
  • Batch import users from an admin level
  • Login and signup in the same spot across all sites for ease of user experience
  • Simplify forms for donations, volunteering, events, email, etc. due to the use of general user information, I.e. name, address, credit card data, etc. (*Ultimately decreasing the barriers of a user signing up online)
  • When creating an account on a site that is not a Parish Site the user will simply set what Parish they attend. If their Parish eventually joins the Parish Site platform, the user will be invited to complete Parish onboarding at that time.
  • When creating an account on a Parish Site, users will be taken directly to Parish onboarding with optional parish registration.
  • Track content algorithm across the sites, even when logged out (utilizing cookies), if a user begins to build a profile before creating an account that profile will be attached to the account.
  • Capture certain data directly from users to assist the Curated Content Algorithm (E.g. life stage, baptism, etc.)
  • Additional data points on individuals could potentially be added by Parishes or the Archdiocese if there is valuable information to add

Feature - Personalized Experience

With help from information in the personal accounts, data is used to connect parishioners to the right opportunity or content determined through a personal recommendation algorithm. This eliminates an influx of information to parishioners and instead, uses technology to simplify and focus communication based on what they need as an individual. This is also a key part in nudging people through an appropriate ministry journey, no matter what platform they engage with.

The algorithm sees a user’s interactions, like what articles they are reading or what pages they visit on the site. This information is then stored safely and securely in a data warehouse. With data continually being collected about each user, we will be able to determine key insights to serve them better.

Feature - Shared Content Library

The content fueling this personalized experience comes from our content library which is rich with both original and curated pieces from trusted Catholic sources across North America. The content itself is a variety of videos, podcasts, articles, homilies, events, workshops, studies, etc. that help people think about ideas in fresh and engaging ways.

Each of these individual site administrators will be able to curate their feed or feature content they create themselves. Sites can choose to opt-in or out of the entire feed by default or based on a specific author / content provider. They can also manually curate individual pieces of content. The goal is to help alleviate the workload of administrators who usually have to keep this content fresh on their website, while also allowing them to still have control over their sites.

Sites can also share content between each other. Specifically, Parishes will also be able to submit their own original content as “Available to the Archdiocese”. This sends their content to the Content Feed CMS so other Parishes or the Archdiocese have access to it. This content can range from articles or homilies to volunteer opportunities and events.

  • Showcase Archdiocesan-wide content & fundraising initiatives
  • Ability to push Archdiocesan events to all Parish sites (some will be required)
  • Pull homilies from Parish Sites & add Archbishop’s homilies directly

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