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Sprint Planning

This planning time includes extensive meetings with leadership to identify the key aspects of your diocese’s goals and success. Identifying these at the forefront is critical to guiding all decisions.

  • Discover How You Operate (Operating Principles) - These are your values and the specific charisms of the Holy Spirit in your diocese. This will guide how we make our decisions and carry out our project. Everything we do will come under these values.
  • Ministry Strategy - Identify the best approach for you to reach your audience and goals. This is a high-level strategy that will determine the details of things like content strategy, channel strategy, etc. (see below)
  • Tone & Language - Key for communication and integrity of the brand. This will help determine how we communicate within the ministry strategy.
  • Planning around Team Resources - Identify what current resources are available to you. Where are the gaps in resources? Skills? People? This is key for execution and long-term planning.
  • Growth and Audience Strategy - Define audience and brand positioning for existing print and digital properties. This helps define which opportunities to pursue.
  • Overall Content Strategy - This content strategy will help us identify how and what content plays into your ministry strategy, and what is possible with your available resources. Content means any videos, articles, social posts, emails, or individual landing pages necessary to reach our goals.
  • We’ll outline the community strategy for your diocese, including covering the localized nuances and how your diocese priorities will influence content.
  • Content Pillars & Balance - Content pillars are the lens through which we make each piece of content. Key in identifying what messages need to be communicated in order to reach your goals, and then will be used to make sure each message we communicate is pointing towards our main goals.
  • Content Asset Strategy - Identifying what content already exists in order to be the most efficient with resources.
  • Paid, Earned and Owned Media Opportunities - Identifying marketing strategies against resources and goals. Determine where we need to put more resources and where we can be lean.
  • Channel Strategy - Breakdown of the communication plan based on the channels needed and current resources available to carry it out.
  • Review existing communication channels (website, newsletter, social media, etc.)
  • Define target audiences to know which channels will be effective
  • Outline cohesive communication channel plan to identify next steps and be used as a tool for implementation
  • Roadmap - This outlines when each part of the project will need to be carried out in order to accomplish our goals.

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