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Strategy & Support

Regular Software Updates

  • Our Tilma developers are always working to better our system by working through a priority list of updates, features, etc. to implement into Tilma. With each new version launch, your team will be notified and sent resources to help implement new changes.

Tilma Quarterly Content Calendar

  • To help keep Tilma Content integrated into diocesan efforts, we’ll send the content calendar to you and your ministry teams. This will include themes and upcoming content series planned for the Tilma Platform.

Regular New Community Content

  • Workshop curriculum & methods for hosting and access to new/successful structures of training.
  • Seasonal content & series with campaign assets including social assets and marketing content to support the articles and/or video and/or podcasts (depending on the campaign)


  • Training in communications, marketing, content, engagement, ministry journeys, software tools

Reporting / Dashboards Analysis

  • We’ll send you an analysis of your local sites and include any necessary recommendations.

Customer Success

Product Support


Regular check-ins will cover topics across your diocese:

  • Ministry journey effectiveness
  • Communications
  • PM
  • Digital
  • Parish Support

Ongoing ministry consulting for Community and Disciple products

Unite the Church to be on mission.

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