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Technology built around the discipleship model.

Our platform is built to nudge people down the faith journey into opportunities for real, personal encounter. When hearts are transformed, mission moves forward.

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New Evangelization Opportunities
Activated Discipleship
Higher Giving
Accelerated Vision
Event Calendar System
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We are already seeing great things.


Increase in parishes running evangelistic efforts.


People per month are reading, watching and sharing meaningful content.


Increase in email subscribers month over month.

Diocesan Partners

Archdiocese of Vancouver
Tilma Ecosystem
Archdiocese of Detroit
Unleash the Gospel Strategy, Brand, and News
Archdiocese of Washington
Archdiocese of Seattle
Campaigns / Donations Platform

Dioceses with Tilma Parishes

Archdiocese of Vancouver
Diocese of Brooklyn
Archdiocese of Halifax-Yarmouth
Diocese of Kamloops

Imagine dioceses working together to support one another in the mission. Join the innovators and disciples leading the way.

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